Wednesday, November 10, 2004

SQLServer: Access from UNIX ?

Ahh... The age old question. Yup - who really want's to use ODBC anyway?

In an effort to consolidate all perl parsing/transformation code for all database extractions we went with perl DBI on Linux. Initially, we figured, no problem.

Here are some things we found out:

  1. Default perl install on Fudora Core distribution of Linux had issues with SybPerl Resolution: Grab latest stable build from and re-compile without -ldb option
  2. Install the following Packages: DBI::Bundle, DBD:Sybase, freetds
  3. SYBASE environment variable must be set to install location (in our case /usr/local)
  4. Perl Bind variables via ? not supported. Still investigating if there is a good work around for this issue.

All in all, once perl was re-compiled we didn't really have any issues... knock on wood...

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