Tuesday, July 21, 2009

SQL Server: Named Instance Or Default?

I was looking for an easy way to tell if the current instance of SQL Server is a default or named instance since we use both. I could not find anything online. After a little bit of poking around, I figured it out -its quite simple. Go to 'My Computer' and right click for the 'Manage' option. Then under 'Services' look for the SQL Server service entry. If its a named instance it will have the name listed as 'SQL Server (NAME_OF_INSTANCE)', however if its a default instance, it will simply say 'SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER)'

To be sure, you can right click on the SQL Server service entry. Select 'properties' and look at the path to the executable. If its a named instance, the sqlserver.exe will be followed by -s{Servername} or MSSQLSERVER if its a default instance.

You can also open SQL Server Management Studio and right click on the server name. A named instance is usually listed as 'ServerName\InstanceName'