Friday, November 12, 2004

ORACLE: Sending Logs/Files via mailx

This may be irrelevant depending on your choice of monitoring tools, but I tend to prefer good old fashioned shell scripts on UNIX. One issue I've always had with mailx is being able to attach error files.

Here's a sample script that seems to work on most UNIX flavors with sh,bash, or ksh:

DT=`date +%d%m%y`
2>&1 echo "Hey - ORA- error !" >> ${ERR_DIR}/$0.$DT.err
ORA_ERRS=`grep -i ora- ${ERR_DIR}/$0.$DT.err wc -l sed "s/ //g"`
if [ $ORA_ERRS -gt 0 ]
mailx -s "$0 ORA Errors! ($DT) " <<-EOF WARNING! - $0 ($DT) had errors! Error log is attached. ~< ! uuencode ${ERR_DIR}/$0.$DT.err $0.$DT.err ~. EOF fi # #
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