Thursday, November 29, 2007

SQLServer 2005: Full Text Issue

In my opinion, there is security, and then there is the absurd paranoia. Microsoft tends to ride this line a little too much lately. Trying to be the end all to security, they forget that we have firewalls, access lists, etc, etc that should be considered when locking things down.

The interesting issue I've run into with Full Text searches now, is , somewhat not surprisingling, a known Microsoft Bug / Feature

The question I'd like to pose Microsoft is this:

If the work break files I've installed came from the CD / Microsoft bits that I got from Microsoft, should I be able to assume that they've verified where they've came from? And for that matter, If I install a third - party work break file after my SQLServer Full Text install, shouldn't it be my responsibility to verify the validity of those files?

Why should Microsoft automatically be checking these for me? (and why, should they do it every time I load the word breaker info into memory?

BTW - if you are having the problem, it presents itself something like this:

Running SQLServer 2005 (or possibly other servers), with Full Text Indexing, you notice that the initial call to the query engine is slow (surprisingly, 45 seconds consistently). Subsequent queries perform as expected. Then after 10 or 15 minutes, the query processing engine appears to 'go to sleep' and you have another 45 second response time for a query to indexing service.

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